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Wants List!

  Hello! My favourite Pokemon is Helioptile! I'm always on the lookout for cute Helioptile merch.   

Other Pokemon I love include (in dex order):






My most current collection update is here.



High priority = ***

Average priority = **

Low priority = *




I love getting custom merch!! My favourite type is plush. <3

I love getting artwork of my trainer and team:


Trainer ref, height chart and personality info found here!


I also love getting commissions of Helioptile and Sandshrew together! 


Some specific customs I've been intending on commissioning/buying from custom artists:

-Drowsy/Sleeping Helioptile plush ***

-Noivern plush (female looking ie. eyelashes, more pronounced figure, plus some kind of clothing item) from Sugarstitch ***

-Helioptile Pokemon Time styled plush ***

-Chinchou beanie/Pokedoll style plush with poseable antenna ***

-Fullbody contest trainer + Helioptile, Vaporeon, Ribombee digital sketch commission from b_forpotato ***

-6 character pattern (favourites team, including deluxe matcha pokepuffs, white daisies and little hearts/stars) from Igor Canova ***

-Chesnaught with a little Chespin sitting on top plush **

-Cute Doduo plush (expressive eyes and fluffy fabric similar to Mareep wool)**

-Noivern Chibi/Pokemon Time style plush (not angry looking) **

-Grumpy+blushing Ivysaur plush**

-Suicune plush**

-Shiny Beanie Skiddo Plush by Folly Lolly**

-Pretty much any cute plush or figures of any of my full list of favourite Pokemon <3


I also love card alters! I prefer full art card alters with no text remaining. A few specific cards I'd like alters for include:

-Ponyta (Advent of Arceus)

-Helioptile (Guardians Rising, Forbidden Light)

-Ivysaur (Supreme Victors)





I'm really only interested in Japanese release only please! MWT where possible. I buy plush that I find cute regardless of Pokemon!

Pikachu's Closet Pajamas ** (Interested in mainly the pillow and slippers)

Ichiban Kuji Tea Room Slowpoke Plush ***, Ditto Koffing Plush (not mascot plush) **, Sleepy Piplup Kuttari *

Lotto Lugia (???) **





Saiko Soda Gacha (Vaporeon, Jolteon + Flareon) ***, Vaporeon Gallery Figure ***

Ponyta + Rapidash Zukan **, Vaporeon Dreaming Case *, Girafarig Zukan *, Jangmo-o Moncolle (regular version, not pearl) *

Project Eevee x Yabai-chan Tin Badge (Vaporeon, Jolteon + Flareon) **

Girafarig, Lugia, Sneasel, Suicune TFG. Doesn't matter if spinner is attached, quality of paint isn't too big of a deal. *





Forest's Birthday Playmat 2015 (ポケモン森の誕生日) preferably sealed, great condition *******

2014 Kalos Flat Pouch *, Lets Go Kalos 2013 Mug with Box ***

Its' Demo Cork Coasters **

Pokemon Petit Chespin Mug *, Yurutto Forest Melanine Cup **

Outdoor Lineart Promo Backpack (white) ***, Saiko Soda Backpack **





XY World Art 2013 Hardcover Book ***, Pokemon Card Game Collection 2016 Book *





I only collect NM or better Japanese TCG, would love to see what you have! I collect anything that has cool artwork.

Pokekyun Collection M Gardevoir EX **, Advent of Arceus Ponyta *

SM1 Lillie FA *, SM4+ Lillie FA *

SM1+ Salazzle FA *, SM2 Kommo-o FA *

Best of XY Yveltal FA UR *, XY11 Volcanion FA UR *




Enamel Pins

There's gonna be a few non-Pokemon pins in here, sorry! I've recently gotten interested in fan made pins, I only have a few and would love to get some more to add to my board! I've hardly scratched the surface looking for pins so anything cute I'd love to see!

Mamobot: Clefairy***, Chikorita**, Mismagius***, Tsareena**, Kuriboh* and Patamon**

Mamath: Girafarig*** and Shiny Rapidash***

Uglyplants: Pumpkaboo*** and Phantump***

sleepingwolvesart: Arcanine***, Poochyena***, Luxray**

MinnowAndMoss: Pink and yellow Mousemoth* ~~~ LazyLucaOfficial: Espurr* ~~~ Pinkachii: Surfing in a Winter Wonderland***